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Since the company was established, Jiahuang technology has been devoted to the development of high-tech products. We engage in developing high-tech products that continue to meet the market demand and follow the ideas of three phase motor connection ?Innovation, speed, and development".Over the years, we have managed to inrovate equipment along with the technology by continuously introducing international advanced processing and testing equipment to enhance core technology and core competitiveness and ensure sustainable development of( the enterprise. Now, our products have spread throughout China and been exported far away to the USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Jiahuang exists not only for profit but also for the philosophy of “science and technology change lives" .It provides customers with better products and services and contributes to social progress.

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Although catered ski chalets have NRV-VS Reducer Factory

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Although catered ski chalets have NRV-VS Reducer Factory long been filled with thousands of keen skiers who visit the Alps every year, more and more people have been discovering new and exciting winter sports to keep them coming back.

Snowboarding, which some people describe as being akin to surfing down a mountain, sees the rider sliding at high speeds down snow-covered slopes while standing on a board attached to his feet, using legs and feet (and sometimes an attached rope) to navigate. A favourite with adrenalin junkies and speedsters, the sport is definitely fun and exciting, but can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The good news is, just like with all high-octane sports, there are ways of helping ensure you don’t hurt yourself. Staying alert is key, as is making sure you get plenty of rest before you go out on the slopes. (Fortunately, having comfortable catered ski chalets as a base makes this part easy.) Also key is proper training if you’re a beginner—don’t worry, though, there are plenty of schools and professional instructors to help you learn the proper safety measures and best techniques. Finally, having the right gear (in this case meaning the right outerwear as well as the right equipment) not only helps to protect you from injury, but also helps improve your performance and experience. Below, we recommend a few ‘must-haves’ if you’re planning to ‘shred the gnar’, as veteran snowboarders say.

Because your snowboard is attached to your feet, having the right footwear is vital. Comfort, fit, and secure fastenings are the most important considerations when choosing your boots and bindings, as they should be able to provide both protection and security while giving you maximum manoeuvrability. The right boot liners are also important—they should give you ample protection, insulation, and provide the right traction while not impeding your feet’s tactile senses and the ability to feel the board’s motions. The best boots, bindings, and liners are not only stylish but utilise materials with modern technological advancements such as flex, moisture control, ventilation, anti-microbial properties, temperature management, anatomical support, malleability, and impact minimisers.

Although veteran snowboarders consider helmet-mounted cameras and mp3 headphones ‘necessary’, the most important things you should have on your head (aside from your cap or hoodie) are a helmet and goggles. Proper fit and maximum protection are key when choosing a helmet. The best helmets are not only structurally tough, they are also lightweight, have clean lines to help with aerodynamics, and are adjustable (or even mouldable) for the best fit. Temperature control and ventilation are also bonuses. Making sure your helmet strap is comfortable and secure is also important. As for goggles (necessary for protection against higher UV rays and glares, as well to protect your eyes from snow and ice), you can go either basic or high-tech. The most advanced goggles not only feature high-tech design and materials, but also have built-in cameras, GPS, phone/messaging system, and computer system to provide data, help you navigate difficult slopes, and also log in your stats for analysis (or bragging rights).

Your board, of course, is course your primary piece of equipment; after all, you can’t snowboard without a snowboard! Like your bindings, your choice of board should reflect your style, so it’s okay to wait a while before you purchase your own. Try out various boards—snowboarding schools and snow equipment shops can help here, and even some catered ski chalets have some available for use. Shape, aerodynamics, toughness, pressure sensitivity, manoeuvrability, and weight are some of the things you should consider. High-tech materials and hybrid shapes are constantly being developed, and once you’ve pinned down your personal style and specific needs, you may even consider having one manufactured from your own bespoke design!